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Female Bikini-Brazilian:

The Brazilian (with or without a landing strip);

***The Brazilian, Extended and Standard Bikini Wax all include the stomach strip.  The hair will be removed from your bikini line to underneath your belly button.

All hair is removed from the labia to the interior rear, leaving you totally bare.

$95 (New clients-1st time in a long or greater than 12 weeks)

$70 (Repeat clients 5 weeks or less)

$75 (Repeat clients 6 weeks or more)


Extended Bikini Wax;

Removes the hair that would be visible outside of a high cut bikini line.  Ideal for the woman considering trying the Brazilian wax for the 1st time.

$65 (New & repeat clients)

Standard Bikini Wax;

Only removes the hair that would be visible outside of a modest bikini line. Perfect for the modest waxer.

$60 (New & repeat clients)

Female Body Waxing:


Underarms $35

Full Arms $70


Half Arms $55

Chest & Stomach $85

Chest $50

Stomach $45

Full Back (includes shoulders) $90

Half Back $45

Exterior Buttocks $45

Full Leg $130


Upper Leg (knee & above) $70

Lower Leg (knee & below) $60

Back Thigh Only $35-$45


Front Thigh Only $35-$45

Feet and Toes (included in Full Leg Service) $27


Patch $10-$15


**Hair must be at least 1/4 of an inch to be waxed. 

Brazilian & Bikini Add-ons:

Vajazzle - $35 

Swarovski crystals are delicately applied to embellish the bikini area. Vajazzling can be applied in other areas of the body by request.



Female Facial Waxing:

Upper Lip $17

Under Lip $15

Chin $22

Neck $30

Chin & Neck $47

Side Burns $20

Full Face (Brows not included) $60

Full Face w/Brows $95

Brow Wax $37

Brow Tweeze $48

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