​​Q: What is a Brazilian wax?

A: At Waxing B.A.Y., this service removes all hair in the bikini area including the hairs between your rear (interior only, not full buttock waxing). In other words, everything must go! If you are interested in this service, you will be asked to  assume various positions in order to achieve complete hair removal. Please remember this is considered standard in the industry. A Brazilian may also include a "landing strip" of hair. The Brazilian line does not include full exterior buttocks waxing and our standard line for the thigh area is only two inches outward from the bikini line.


Q: Will my Brazilian Wax hurt?

A: After just one wax session your re-growth will be much thinner, finer and softer. That is one of the major benefits.  With continued waxing, you may even experience significant reduction in re-growth. This makes it easier and less painful if you keep up with regular waxes. Avoid caffeine and alcohol for 24 hours before your wax. Take a mild anti-inflammatory medication (like Ibuprofen)1-hour prior to your appointment. Most women find waxing to be very tolerable.


Q: Is waxing sanitary?

A: Yes. Latex-free gloves are used during each service for your comfort, and there is a strict “No Double-Dipping” policy. Sterilized implements are used, and the treatment room is cleaned and sanitized after each guest.


Q: How long should my hair be prior to waxing?

A: It's Recommend not shaving or trimming desired area to be waxed for at least 3 weeks prior to service. The hair cannot be too long, but it can be too short.


Q:​ How long should I wait between waxing appointments?

A: It’s recommended to come in every 4-5 weeks. 


Please note: If you maintain your appointments at 4-5 week intervals, you pay less and your service time will be shorter. After 7 weeks at Waxing B.A.Y. your Brazilian is considered fully grown and it does not qualify for the rewards credit.


Q: Can I get waxed while I'm on my period?

A: Absolutely. You can still get waxed while you are on your period. Waxing B.A.Y. just requests that you wear a clean tampon. Please be aware that you are a lot more sensitive during this time. Tip: take a pain reliever 30 minutes prior to your service.


Q: How long will my wax last?

A: If you maintain your waxing schedule of every 4-6 weeks max, you should be hair-free for at least 2-3 weeks, depending on your rate of hair growth. Most people see a significant reduction in hair growth by their 3rd waxing in a row without shaving or trimming in between services.

Q: I’m pregnant. Can I get waxed?

A: Brazilian waxing during your pregnancy is generally considered safe and not harmful to you or your baby. Waxing B.A.Y. is highly experienced with waxing moms-to-be. Your skin may be a little more sensitive during this special time. Talk to your doctor prior to waxing if you have any concerns.


Q: What about ingrown hairs?

A: Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate. Exfoliating will help reduce ingrown hairs. At Waxing B.A.Y., it is advised that all individuals who receive body waxing exfoliate at least 2-3 times per week. Waxing B.A.Y. recommends using a medium-bristled brush. Less is more.


Q: What is Vajazzling?

A: Vajazzling is the process of adding jewels to embellish your Brazilian wax. Waxing B.A.Y. has several pre-made Swarovski crystal designs to select from. 


Please note: the appliqué will only be placed at the top/mound area of the Brazilian.

Q: When do I get a Rewards Card?

A:  You can request a Rewards Card at anytime. The sooner you start the Rewards Card program the sooner you will redeem your 50% discount!  50% off of a full price Brazilian at your 6th service. The Rewards discounts apply to Brazilian waxing services ONLY.

Ex.)  $70 Full Priced Brazilian-50% Repeat Discount= A $35 Brazilian!

Q: Is the wax hot?

A: Temperature variants change from person to person depending on their sensitivity level to heat. The wax is generally low-temperature. However, please do not hesitate to say if the wax feels too hot. The temperature can be adjusted. ​

Q: How should I care for my skin after waxing?

A: Due to your body’s normal histamine reaction to the waxing process, it’s normal to experience redness and tenderness at the site of the wax. This should disappear within a few hours. Waxing temporarily exposes the hair follicle, therefore it is essential that you keep the area clean and dry.


Tip: If you’re experiencing any itchiness, you can apply a hydrocortisone cream.


Q: Why do I need to fill out a client intake/waiver form prior to being serviced?

A:  It is necessary for your protection and Waxing B.A.Y.'s protection. It collects pertinent information such as your name, date of birth, address and contact info.  It also informs your esthetician of any allergies you may have and any contraindications you my have to waxing, such as, use of certain acne medications, retinols, exfoliating creams, peels and or prescription medications that could potentially make waxing not recommended as a good option for hair removal as it may cause risks to your skin or health.  Safety first! Please talk with your doctor if you have any questions about medications you are currently taking and whether it is safe to wax while taking such medication.


Q: Can I fill out my client intake/waiver form prior to arriving to my appointment?

A: Yes, this will also save you time! Please click here to view and pre-fill your client intake/waiver form. Pre-filled forms can either be emailed to waxingbay@gmail.com prior to being serviced or you can print it and bring it with you. The form is also available at Waxing B.A.Y.